Jobs – UAE

You are free to post briefs of job openings in the UAE.

Please ensure that the details posted for vacancies fulfil the criteria belor:

1. Halal work

2. Legal according to the UAE’s rules

3. Includes email address (no telephone number) for sending CVs

4. Mentions the date of expiry for the vacancy ad

* The blog owner is not responsible for any harm or loss incurred directly or indirectly as a result of ads posted on this site. The blog owner has the right to delete any comment/postings deemed unfit for this site.



6 thoughts on “Jobs – UAE”

  1. New Job Postings in UAE in various sectors. Don’t wait. Rush in your CVs; act fast and grab your job:

    Different opening in sectors like Accountancy, Finance, IT, Banking, Hospitality, Logistics, automotive HR, and many more.

  2. As Salaam Alykum,

    I am a father of three, living in London. Born and raised in the UK, had discovered my deen when i was a teenager. I work but not from a well off background.

    I strongly feel that my kids should have the opportunity that I never had of exploring Islam in a muslim land.

    I wish to make my kids hufaaz inshallah, is their any school/centre that I can send my kids to where I will be able to fund them and their mother. Nowhere near the big cites so it can be affordable for me to support them.

    And are there any centres/people who are willing to support my kids directly to learn the Quran (they can meet us in person there).

    I would wish to be able to join my family there if there were any job opportunities in my field of work. Please contact me directly so I can show the qualifications and experiences I have.

    May Allah reward you.

  3. I’m a filipina…and I reverted to Islam 4 years ago..I’m currently working in the house as a nanny/babysitter for 7 years now..and now they are willing to give me release and cancelled my visa with them once I found a new job..I’m earnestly asking for your help…can somebody help me find a job here in Dubai??sales clerk..waitress..sales lady..cashier..receptionist…office girl..anything…I found it so hard to find a job here especially if you are a housemaid…

  4. Salam,my name is Talia and i am Hafiza and Aalima i m looking for a job teaching Quran Hifz and Nazra hope to recieve interview call at the earliest 0563113869. Shukran

  5. I like this post Paperpk Jobs Paperpk employments helps you to locate any sort of distributed Jobs in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar and so forth. Paperpk employments is one of the best site for occupations.

  6. Ibrahim Muhammad said:

    Asslam O Alikum!
    I have more than 10 year experience of online Quran Teaching in USA,UK, CANADA, Germony .I am looking for job in UAE my NUMBER is 0528144377

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