Islam/Quran Classes – UAE

A compilation of posts and links related to Quranic/Islamic learning centres in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, etc. in the UAE:

Sharjah Masjid Quran Hifdh/Hifz program for women in Sharjah: Click here

Islamic Studies classes in Dubai – Al Huda: Click here

Al Manar Quran Study Centre in Dubai: Click here

Iman Quran Center in Sharjah : Click here

Kalemah Centre in Dubai : Click here

Quran Memorization / Hifdh schools in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman:

1. Al Huda Quran Learning Centre 04-2968300

2. Al Baraha Holy Quran Ctr 04-2711109

3. Al Farooq Centre for Quran 04-2895628

4. Al Huda Quran Cnt 04-2967899/2726999

6. Al Muhamadi Quran Ctr 04-2825540/3394465

7. Al Noor Quran Science 04-2643428/2646481

8. Al Siddiqe Holy Quran Ctr 04-2863803/2863833/2863835

9. Al Huda Quran Learning Ctr 04-2968200

10. Al Shaihh Saif Quran Ctr 04-2641151/2647448

11. Islamic Studies Holy Quran Ctr 04-2228667

12. Khalfan Holy Quran Learning 04-3437898

13. Malik Bin Anas Holy Quran Ctr 04-2892310

14. Mohammad Salim Holy Quran Ctr. 04-2874934

15. Nida Al Fitraa Quran School 04-2899204/2899203

16. Abu Bakr Siddique Islamic Ctr. 04-2661423/2669800

17. Al Allama Islamic School 04-3384284

18. Al Sadiq Islamic English School 04-2630173/2631078

19. Bilal Bin Rabah Islamic School 04-3385151

20. Center For Islamic Guidance 04-2690812

21. Imam Malik College 04-3344990

22. Islamic Arabic Studies 04-3961777

23. Islamic Cultural Ctr. 04-2216767

24. Jumeriah Islamic Center 04-3949461

25. Abdulla Abbas Quran Memorization 06-5333065

26. AbuDhabi Institute for Memorization 06-5436471

27. Al Hashimia School for Quran 06-5635242

28. Al Huda Quran Center,Shj 06-5249898

29. Al Quran Center 06-5676006/5676333

30. Al Radwan Quran Center 06-5487801

31. Al Sahaba Quran Center 06-5243533

32. Dar Al Huda Quran Learning CTR 06-5625456

33. Eqra Quran Learning Ctr 06-5223392

34. Al-Attrujja,Ajman 06-7436692

35. Uthman Bin Affan Quran & Sunnah Ctr

36. Ibn Katheer, shj 06-5383327

37. Dar al Luqmaan Quran Ctr,Shj

38. Dar Al Hikmah Ctr, Shj 06-5245888

39. Dar Al Asma, Ajman 06 5596597

40. Dar Al Ber, Dubai/Ajman 04-2966773/06 7470404

41. Umm Al Momineen, Ajman 06 7447777

181 thoughts on “Islam/Quran Classes – UAE”

  1. can you please tell me if any institute is giving evening classes for working ladies near maisaloon area

  2. does anyone know any hifdh center for girls half day regularly in dubai?

  3. I want to learn quran recitation with tajweed in english

  4. Salam is there any quram memorization center in abu dhai?

  5. I meant Quran

  6. any quaran learning center in al tawoon area pls do ctc me on 055 3132728

  7. Assalaamualekum,

    I came across Marqaz Al Huda (in Twar, Qusais, Dubai), an Islamic center for women and children. They have Quran classes / workshops and special classes for new muslimahs, especially filipina sisters.

    For ladies who want to learn the Qur’an with Tajweed as beginners, there are Friday morning classes, followed by helpful and informative lectures about Islam. The current semester is ending soon so you could check with the center for joining the next. Free transport is available to and from, Sharjah and Dubai. The center conducts various weekly classes for different levels for a small monthly fee.

    A very helpful website to learn Quran Tajweed from home: Excellent for absolute beginners.
    It teaches how to read the Qur’anic Arabic using the Noorani rule. This method is suitable for non-Arabic speaker and it used in many Islamic countries.

    Jazakallah Khair

  8. rachele ali said:

    I’m a filipina and I convert into muslim last year, I wan to learn about holy quran more and eventually speaking arbic also.can you please help me where i can take some classes for it. i hope you can help me for this..thank you in advance

  9. Mohammad nasree said:

    I want to sent my son to Quran hifz classes

  10. Asma.bashir said:

    I want to know quran learning centre for ladies in sharjah (Al Khan) area

  11. i am a teacher for arabic and quraan 0557193058 mr/saif

  12. Manar as Sabeel is quran center near Al Khan Area in Khalidiya behind FAL there is small masjid its there.

  13. Abdul Jabbar Punchakkode, Ajman. said:

    MashaAllah, rewardable informations added…May Allah shower his blessings upon you n your family…
    Abdul Jabbar Punchakkode

    rachele ali please contact above

  15. Abdul Jabbar Punchakkode, Ajman. said:

    aslmlkm dears, I heard about one Quran Memorizing Center in Sharjah or Ajman, where children can complete Hifzul quran within two years, (means, they will have to stay away from schools for two years), Can any body help me by advising in which center it is possible and whether we would be able to get transport, else what about the fee to be paid? Jazakallahul khair..My email id is, or

  16. Aslam Khan said:

    Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatuhu, I am looking for male Islamic classes/ lectures or anyone who can teach Quran in Abudhabi. Please email me at Jazakallah khair.

  17. Can anyone tell is there any classes arranged for ladies in mosque of silicon oasis

  18. mrs shah said:

    assalamo alaikum
    sisters&brothers .in sharjah we have very good opportunity to memorize quran in most of the masjids.
    why in sharjah we expatriates dont have even a single markaz to learn tafsir.of quran like in dubai there is huda ,kalema&many other centres.&for kids as well we dont have anything like islamic learning etc .we should have something in sharjah for gents.ladies&children

  19. Salaam aleykum, can someone tell me where a free quran school is where you can stay for couple months, where you can learn ahkam tajweed, hifd quran and arabic. With idjaza. Im from the netherlands so it also must have a place to sleep. Baraka Allaho fikum.

  20. norisalam said:

    salam alaikum,
    is there any islamic centre in al ain? please help me, because me and my 3 friends would like to attend islamic class…


  21. sabeeha said:

    in sharjah for boys and girls there is madaressa parallel to sharjah indian school and the name is MARKAZ KHALID BIN AL WALEED approved by shj govt.they have transportation and Alhamduillah! its affordable.

  22. Hamidul Islam said:

    I am a Quran teacher (Hafize Quran, Islamic degree holder and tajweed specialist.). If u want to learn Quran, So Can u call me on 0555350286.
    Location : abu dhabi city.

  23. ahlya Zahnoun said:

    Salaam alaikoum,
    I’m surching summer coran classes in Dubai with transporatation, for my son 8 years old. Does anybody have some info where he can join classes?

    Jazzak allah ghairan,

  24. I am filipina and I want to convert into islam but I want to go for islamic school to learn more,so I just want to knoe where is the near islamic school here in ajman,coz im leaving ajman,.. Thank you

  25. I am Mujeeb and my friend is filipin,corrently working in abu dhabi, and now he want to convert into islam but for this he need some class to became a correct follower.
    So I just want to know where is the near islamic school here in Abu dhabi,..

    Thank you

  26. said:

    Salam alakum

    Which of these is best school for intensive quran and arabic learning at a one on one level?

  27. shareef said:

    I want quaran teacher to teach my son in duabi karama area , please call 050-6927317 or any body can guide me near to karam any quran institute available.

  28. Hamidul Islam said:

    I am a Quran teacher (Hafize Quran, Islamic degree holder and tajweed specialist.). If you want to learn Quran, Can you call me. My number is on 0555350286.
    Location : abu dhabi city.

  29. As salam aleikum ,My friend chineese female and Muslim by birth havent learnt anything about islam infact im sad to say that she even dont know to offer namaz . Can anyone advise where she could learn from basics.

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    keep it up.

  31. Asalam O Alikum, Can anyone please help me find a memorization center in Abu Dhabi. Jazakallah

  32. Saba mehwish said:

    Sir I m Saba mehwish hafizy Quran want to tract Quran through online .me lived in Pakistan all women and children read Quran me want to teach plz contact wid me as soon as pisible

  33. As salam alaikum, this is to appeal to fellow muslims in this ramadhan that Dawah Educational Academy in lagos nigeria needs 100,000 copies of arabicI-english Quran for waqf distribution to new converts, schools, mosques, centres, societis and individuals, you can contact sulayman latif on this number +23408023380212. Or email Ma salam

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  35. i am a filipina..salam to all i wanted to become a muslim its in my heart.i wanted to embrace islam as a whole and learn everything about it.please give me guidance i live in dubai international city. i want to have information for an islamic teaching center so i could go every week during my off day. thank you very much..

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  37. Hamidul Islam said:

    I am a Quran teacher (Hafize Quran, Islamic degree holder and tajweed specialist.). If you want to learn Quran, Can you call me. My number is on 0555350286.

  38. Hamidul Islam said:

    I am a Quran teacher (Hafize Quran, Islamic degree holder and tajweed specialist.). If you want to learn Quran, I’m staying in abu dhabi city. Can you call me. My number is 0555350286.

  39. Louanna Young said:

    Assalamu alaikum, I was born muslim but was not thought anything about Islam. I would love to learn the basics of Islam and be a true muslim woman. Can anyone recommend a masjid that offers such services. I would also like to meet fellow muslim women so I can learn the proper way to dress like a righteous muslim woman should dress.

  40. Aayan Anwer said:

    As-salaam-alaykum… i’m a mechanical engineer, working here in dubai…..i came to dubai, so that i could learn & memorized Quran with the tajweed along with my job. so is there any place in dubai ( deira dubai) where i could fulfill my dream of memorizing the Quran in the evening ?? … my mail id :

  41. Hassan Ali said:

    I am Hafiz e Quran and scholar.I want to teach online Quran and Arabic
    basic knowledge about Islam if any one wants to learn please contact with me Skype I’d (hassanali.ajiz)

  42. i need an email address for malik bin anas holy quran center

  43. shamima habeeb said:

    Assalamu Alaikum.

    I need indian tutor for quran to teach my 2 kids.we are staying in
    al qassmiya area in mobile no is 0505916913.

  44. I want a female Quran teacher to teach Quran with Tajweed , for my 2 kids in Abudhabhi city. Phone:0558405121

  45. Brothers and sisters salaam ,, pls kindly let me knoe any sponsor for islam studies availablee there in dubai . I am hindu in singapore single 41 i want to know about islam and want to convert ,,where to find school to study??? My friends told me dubai alot free islam schols is that true i want to travel there any advice? Pls thank you

  46. Khan Mir Salman Ali said:

    Assalamalaikum Does any one knows a Holy Quraan Memorizing Centre for Children with boarding facilities in U.A.E. Where the child can stay full time and memorize the quraan. Please pass any information u have on this on 0559331011 Thanks Jazakallah Khair

  47. Josephine said:

    Salam alaikum.
    Im a filipina and I want to convert into muslim.. I know this is the right way and my heart is in muslim.. I want to embrace it with all my life. Please can you help how to convert into Muslim? thank You.

  48. I can help you Skype I’d (hassanali.ajiz)d

  49. Syed Sajjad said:

    Aslamo Alikum
    We are from Pakistan we live in Ajman
    Please help me for my daughter Quran Learn and Hifaz she is 5 years old and I want her Hifaz Quran .

  50. Muhammad Ahmad said:

    i am a Quran teacher.i am Hafize Quran with Tajweed Hifze,Nazra and Tajweed Quaida limits of age any body learned Quran.if you want to learn Qurqn so you can contact this no: 0346-2857587 from Pakistan.

  51. Salam,
    I am want to learn how to recite Quran and I don’t know Arabic… I stay in International City. Can someone guide me which is the closest place for me and if its possible for the center to teach Quran for someone who doesn’t know Arabic
    Jazak Allah

  52. Assalamualiakum for new Muslims wanting to learn about islam, this is the link for free islamic courses for new Muslims

  53. Muhammad Ashfaq said:

    Salam to all, I can read Quran but I want to learn Quran with full Tajweed in arabic accent – anyone know if a teacher available in Sharjah, Majaz/al khan area?

  54. Asalaam alaikum, i leave in Sharjah is there any Quran learning Center for ladie .Urgent please i need help

  55. Mujeeb Qureshi said:

    As-salamu alaykum brothers and sisters
    We have qualified teachers of the holy Quran and with many years experience teaching with Tajweed at various levels to people of all ages; children, teenagers and adults via skype online.
    Classes will be fully tailored to your needs – whether you’re a beginner, or advanced – the lessons will ensure that you receive exactly what you require to further your knowledge and confidence in reciting the Quran.

    We teach:-
    1. Quran with Tajweed rules from beginning to advance
    2. Prayers/ Salah and woduh
    3. Islamic Studies
    4. Hifz(Quran Memorization )
    5. Adaab & Akhlaq (islamic Manners & Character)
    6. Masnoon Dua (supplication)
    7. Life of The Prophet PBUH
    8. Hadeeth (Saying Of The Prophet PBUH)
    9. Kalmaa’s, Seerah
    My skype id :qari_mujeeb786
    Mujeeb qureshi
    feel free to add me on skype,if you have any questions.i think contact through skype will be totally free for you.i’m 24/7 online on skype.

  56. none of the phone numbers above is picking …..😔

  57. Mujeeb Qureshi said:

    Quran Learning wtih tajweed


  58. muhammad yasir said:

    I hope all are fine as well,
    Kalima Center is a good centre for learning Islam,Quran,Hadiths and everything,
    But If you want to learn (Quran,Hadiths with Arabic Language or in English or in Urdu) in your home,So I am ready to teach you,
    My name is Mufti Muhammad Yasir

  59. muhammad yasir said:

    Every non-muslim can contact me to know complete knowledge about Islam,and be a good muslim(Quranic Muslim)…
    My life for Islam.

  60. muhammad yasir said:

    Learn Quran,Tajweed,Tafseer,Hadiths,Fiqa in English or Arabic or Urdu as you like,I will be in your service.
    my id

  61. Mujeeb Qureshi said:

    Female Quran and Arabic teacher available

    Asslam o alikum
    Female Quran and Arabic teacher available with tajweed and qirat. Only for kids and ladies .If interested in learning Quran feel free to call at 052-8086994 or reply to this ad.

  62. Assalamu Alaikum
    My son is 6 years old I am looking for urdu Islamic
    Madrasa near deira dubai .please feel free to cal me and help me out for the same
    Feroz 050 2552219


    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatollah wabarkatoh.
    Y.H. brothers and Sisters in Islam.
    We are submitting this message to you on behalf of our Islamic Institution.and we pray to Al-Mighty Allah that it should reach to you whiles you are in good conditions health and prosperity. We are requesting from your high office to kindly help to donate to us with 6000 translated Holy Qurans to English and some only Arabic Holy Qurans, we are going to distribute them to our students , new Muslims, non muslims, the mosques and Quranic Halaqaat around the country, upon this reason we hope our request would be highly considered. for more information kindly go to our Facebook Page and kindly contact us through these links below, thank you and hope to read from you soon.

    The President.

    Sheikh IsshaK Abass.

    Ibn Khaldoun Islamic Studies Foundation.

    P.O Box LG 279 Legon Accra Ghana West Africa.


    Email :


  64. AYAZ BADSHAH said:

    dear bro
    we are teach the holy quran throw internet, and the clasess are one by one, so contact me as soon as….skype ID ayaz.badshah

  65. اٍُلسّلاٍْمّےُعًلٍّيكْمٍےُورّحٍمْـٍُﮧاللّـﮧوًبٍرّكًاٍتُـٍّ.

    I wanna now there is any center in Abu dhabi I wanna hifz quran plzz let me no <3Ϯı̴ℓп̶и̵x̵̵<3. U can contact me also +971509986763

  66. Assalamu alaikum. If you’re looking for a Quran + tajweed teacher who is a female, then please visit this blog:

  67. shabbir khan said:

    Assalam o Alaykum, Dear brothers and sisters some one know about Quran teaching in Abu Dhabi with translation i search allot i can’t find please help me 055 5634 890

    Dubai is really best everything we can find easily

  68. Assalam-o-Alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu…I stay in near Buhairah Corniche and would like to know if anyone knows of a good Quran Tutor (with Tajweed) for my 2 sons (9yrs & 5yrs). I need the person to come home to teach my children either 2 or 3 times on weekdays from 4pm to 5pm (timings can be adjusted). Jazakallahu Khairan.

  69. Assalam o alaikum how are you my friends Allah bless you , I want to tell you that , we have online Quran teachers . so who want lernen the holy Quran with us .so please add my your contactc list skype

  70. Slmz I live in the UK and was searching for a 6 week course during UK summer holidays end of July to end of Aug for a revision course madressa for my 8 yr old girl..pls drop me a email if u can help….course can b in UK or Dubai

  71. mahmood afzal said:

    Assalam o alaikum how are you my friends Allah bless you , I want to tell you that , we have online Quran teachers . so who want lernen the holy Quran with us .so please add my your contactc list skype 0553833788

  72. Assalamu Alaikum
    My child is 4 years old I am looking for some Islamic or Quran courses
    Found some good courses at SchoolQuran, can anybody have idea about Quran learning for kids program organized here

  73. MUJEEB qureshi said:

    Asslam o alikum ,brother I am Quran teacher and teaching Quran with tajweed and qirat .this is my number you can contact me so we can discuse further inshallah ; 052 8086994

  74. Salaam I want more learning about quaran ,,,,

  75. Salam,
    i want to learn quran with tajweed ,if there are any classes for women on Fridays & Saturday.i want to join muslim gatherings pls let me know if any in dubai.

  76. Riad Farooq Rahman said:

    Assalam Alaikum, I’m 45 years male, too keen to learn qur’aan, hifdh, any body can help me / guide me to any person or evening school in Sharjah or Ajman. Thanks. Jazak Allah.

  77. Mujeeb Qureshi said:

    brother rehman .i am mujeeb ur rehman . i am quran teacher if you want to learn quran or hifdh you can contact me i will help you InshAllah

    Mujeeb ur Rehman Qureshi

  78. Jenny( Fatima) said:

    where is nearst International city Islam classes ?

  79. I am searching for a quran learning centre for my kids 7 years and 5 years in abu dhabi. A proper institution is what i am looking for. If any one can share their experience or guide me, it will be appreciated.


  80. NEW MUSLIM CENTRE, opposite new medical centre in abu dhabi provides basic islamic information to new muslims and to those who want to know the basics of islam. 00971-2-631-22-11

    quran learning centres are as under:


    Good luck

  81. try this link for quran learning centres in abu dhabi

  82. As Salaam,

    I am a father of three, living in London. Born and raised in the UK, had discovered my deen when i was a teenager. I work but not from a well off background.

    I strongly feel that my kids should have the opportunity that I never had of exploring Islam in a muslim land.

    I wish to make my kids hufaaz inshallah, is their any school/centre that I can send my kids to where I will be able to fund them and their mother. Nowhere near the big cites so it can be affordable for me to support them.
    And are there any centres/people who are willing to support my kids directly to learn the Quran (they can meet us in person there).

    I would wish to be able to join my family there if there were any job opportunities in my field of work. Please contact me directly so I can show the qualifications and experiences I have.

    May Allah reward you.

  83. Mr. Khan said:

    as salaam alaikum,
    I’m searching summer Quran classes in Sharjah with transportation, for my daughter 14 years old. Does anybody have some info ?
    Jazzak allah ghairan,

  84. Assalamualaikum ,
    I am looking for arabic Quran teacher for my kids 8 and 9 years old.I live in Ajman , Naemiya.
    My email is


  85. i want quran qirat

  86. Baluku Mikidadi said:

    Asalamu Aleikum Warahmatu Lahi Wabarakatuh,
    hello I want to memorize the Holy Qur’an please help me out

  87. qaria hafsa said:

    asslamu alikum.i am online quran teacher.i want to teach holy quran all muslims and there babies.r u want learn holy quran with proper tajwed????????then cntct me on this skype ID…qaria.hafsa.

  88. qaria hafsa said:

    my personal num is 0092-3226286937

  89. qaria hafsa said:

    hello….feroze.i want to teach your girl course in 6 week.plz cntct me on this num 00923226286937

  90. salam alaikum
    i am a quran teacher. i teach quran online. you can sit at home and learn quran at your convenience.for more information contact

  91. Assalam alaikum,
    For Muslim sisters or ladies interested in Islam living in Dubai & Sharjah wanting to increase their iman, join blessed gatherings or improve their company email me:
    Let’s get together/help each other and strengthen our iman. I’m a college student living in Dubai looking to further my deen. I’m always on the lookout for great programs in Dubai that can help increase my knowledge and consequently faith inshallah


    Salam alaekun, my name is saheed. I want to learn how to read al quran fluently. I will be happy if I can get help about this. I am a Nigerian. I want to know what I need to do to be able to enrol. My number is 0555189150.

  93. hi kindly advice if their is a islam learning school in Rashidiya, im leaving near Rashidiya police station

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  95. Muritala said:

    If you are interest in learning Qur’an recitation with Tajweed. Contact me..I am presently in Academic City…..mail… moblie…0561783022

  96. Muritala said:

    If you are interested in learning Qur’an recitation with Tajweed. Contact me..I am presently in Academic City….e-.mail…………. moblie…0561783022

  97. Assalam Wo Allaikum, I am Quran teacher online, please contact sisters only. My number is 050-320 1910

  98. I have used Learn Quran Online course –

  99. maryam sameer said:

    As salaamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakatuhu . Alhamdulillah! I have enrolled my children for the memorization program and am completely satisfied with the service of teaching and approach from our Shaikh .so you can contact if you want to teach your children in Dubai. his number is . 052-8086994

  100. Muhammad Ali abdul hameed said:

    I m living in sharjah dasman I m looking for quran classes and sunnah classes for my son
    pls contact us 0505566889

  101. As Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

    I have reverted to Islam recently, and I am studying (at home) about Islam and being a good muslimah… but I would like to learn more…to understand more.

    I live in Al Mujarrah, Sharjah near Lulu Center – is there any Islamic centers near me that provides classes for new muslimah, preferably with late afternoon or evening sessions as I am currently working till 5:30PM. If there is a daily class, it would be much preferrable. And by the way, I am a Filipina.

    Thank you very much ^_^

  102. nazima moin said:

    AsalaamuAlaikum !
    I want to if there are any Quranic classes for ladies in Ajman. Near Al Bustan area.

    JazakAllaah khair !

  103. Assalamualaikum
    I teach Quran with tajweed .translation and tafseer to ladies and Qaida to kids.I live in Ajman Naeimiya opposite ramada hotel.Language : urdu/english

  104. nazima moin said:

    I stay in al bustan. wanted a place close by. jazakAllaah khair!

  105. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    We are from Pakistan. we live in sharjah industrial area no 2.
    please help me for my daughter Quran learn and Hifza.
    She is 7 years old and I want to her make Hifaz Quran.

    Thanks & Regards,



  106. iam indian lady residing in dubai ,,any one please tell that HOW TO REGISTER FOR QURAN MEMORISATION CLASSES IN DUBAI (BURDUBAI,KARAMA area) please mail me (

  107. im looking for a quran and arabic learning centre or home visiting tutor for my 4 years old daughter in ajman. please email me

  108. Shaik Nasir said:

    Assalamu Aliakum…iam 30yr old, by the merciful of Allah S.W.T, Alhamdu lillah memorise the quran from surah fatiha to surah anfal and i want to continue hifz quran ..please any quranic institute in dubai…

    Jazak Allah Kair..
    Shaik Nasir

  109. Assalamu alaikum .i m 36 years old lady i would like to learn Quran recitation with tajweed.can i know if there is anyone in abu dhabi city

  110. Abrar Ahmed said:

    Assalamualaikum, hope you are well. My name is Abrar Ahmed from the UK
    I am a hafizul quran and I am studying islamic studies. I would like a job in dubai.
    Your help will be much appreciated.
    Jazakallahu khair

  111. muhammad sajid said:

    sis hala , in qadisiya , there is a madrassa named salman al farsi , the are giving morning and evening classes for ladies.

  112. muhammad sajid said:

    HOLY QURAN and school arabic teacher for dubai and sharjah , for dubai , can teach weekly, twice a weak. 0502046994

  113. filipina. I want to convert a muslim.i like to embrace slam in my life. I want to know and learn about slam. Is there any quran school here in living here in sharjah.

  114. Asalamu alikum . … I need quran classes with memorization for my 5yr old daughter in abudhabi near khalidhiya mall … someone pls guide me on this …

  115. I want to memorize Quran in Dubai

  116. I want to memorize quran, can anyone guide me?

  117. Hamidul Islam said:

    Fareena , Sister of Islam. If you wante privete Quran Tutor can make a call in my number. near khaledia I know a Quran tutor moulana. jajakallah

  118. Hamidul Islam said:

    Fareena , Sister of Islam. If you wante privete Quran Tutor can make a call in my number 0555350285. near khaledia I know a Quran tutor moulana. jajakallah

  119. Assalamu alaikum sisters,

    I live in sharjah al nahda area next to lulu hypermarket, is there any masjids near by or anyone who can teach tajweed for a month and a half?

  120. Salam alikuam can any one.tell me exact location of Dar Al Luqman; cntr quran ???

  121. I wanted to learn Quran with tajweed…. I stay in karama.. plz advice

  122. if you want to learn quran with me i help you skype alifquran

  123. Iman quran center in sharjah in Al-khan near to little feets nursery is good for hifz for girls and boys in the morning and evening.

  124. I want to send my son to learn Qur’an, what age is the earliest in Dubai?

  125. Qur’an is light.

  126. Assalamoalikum, First of all, Jazak Allah Khair for providing all the information and guidance. May Allaha Taála accept all of our efforts and provide us all with beneficial knowledge and ability to perform deeds that pleases Him, Ameen

    I am actually trying to find any institution in dubai or shj who offers a degree or diploma in islamic studies in english lang. Request you to please help and guide me with regards to the same. looking forward for your response.

    Jazak Allah Khair
    Fe-Amaan Allah

  127. ASALAMUALAIKUM…please is there any Quranic memorization school for free,i need Quran in my life. I,m from Nigeria. please in the name of ALLAH. So that ALLAH may even by this have mercy on me

  128. asalamualikum brothers , i am male 23 from India , i am willing to join Islamic foundation school so that i could be busy with it , is there any Islamic organisation where i can become member , in dubai

  129. Assalamu alikkum sisters
    i wonder even a single muslim didnt leave any reply for those non muslims who want to be converted to islam.if any non muslim wants to know more about islam or to want to embrace islam with whole heart pls feel free to contact me my num-0567642464.I stay in Sharjah

  130. can u please tell me that where is located jamia abo bakar islamia in dubai

  131. Sami Mohammed said:

    I want to learn my dua in Arabic as a new Muslim and English I need classes can anyone help
    Inshah Allah


  132. a female MA arabic and islamiat+ memrized the holy Quran and and aalima degree from wafaqul madaris pakistan’
    need job as a teacher in dubai. now present in alnahda.
    plzz contact:

  133. Noushiba said:

    Assalamu alaikkum brother, i would like to help you.can u send your phone number or mail mail id is

  134. Noushiba said:

    Mary and sami,

    i would like to help u people. can u pls mail me your details to

  135. 0505410392 said:

    Assalamu alaikkum brother,sisters i would like to help you memrized the holy Quran if you want to learn quran with me


    Assalamo alaikom all bros n sis
    nice to know about the best efforts being made here to help muslims
    it wd b my pleasure if i cd help or serve any bro or sis in abu dhabi
    here i know about new muslim centres in abu dhabi
    n for free consutation regarding our daily issues , AOOQAAF DEPART NO IS
    08002422 toll free no
    thnx jazak Allah
    my ni is 0554839506

  137. Ahmad Anis said:

    Assalamu Alykum
    Sharjah & Ajman

  138. Musa Mohammed Salim said:

    I have a friend who wants to be a Muslim and study about Islam she works and would like to get classes after 5 she lives in Abu Dhabi near madinat zayed please dear Muslims help me out this is my number 056 402 2675

  139. Asalam walaikum wa rahmatulahi wabarakatuhu
    Plz! Could you suggest me is dere any islamic centre in qasmia area.

  140. Ume Ayesha said:

    Markaz for Quran learning with Tajweed for ladies, and kids both boys and girls separate classes. The markaz is in Sharjah and it has its own transport too. Their contact number is: 055-3570068, 056-9858004
    Markaz Mohammad al Hammadi

    In Ajman,
    Markaz: Al Otruja
    They have transport for students in Ajman(Naimiyah).

  141. Can you please let me know any quran learning centre in Abu shagarah For my kids.

  142. I want to teach in this madrassa

  143. Shakeel Javed said:

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I want to learn to read Quran with correct Tjweed and should understand what I am reading. In short want to read, Understand & If possible write Arabic. I am 45 years old from India.

    Is there any religious Institutions which will help me in doing this.


  144. Ahmad Mahroof said:


  145. 1. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Abu Dhabi:

    Markaz Abu Musa al Ash’ari – 025832419
    Uthaman Bin Affan Centre – 025822677
    Al Shahama Centre – 02-5635755
    Al Quran Al Kareem Centre 02-5831323
    Al Siddiq Centre 02-4433616
    Markaz al Haamil lil Ghaith – 02-4473196
    Abu Dhabi Institute for Qur’an Memorization 02-6652400 (This is located at Al Karamah, Opposite Sheikh Khalifa Hospital)
    Al Siddiq Qur’an Memorizing Institute, 02-443 3016. (This is located at Al Ittihad; If you go towards Corniche on Airport Road take right to Street 15, this Institute is next to the masjid over there)

    The below information was taken from this website:

    1. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Abu Dhabi:

    Markaz Abu Musa al Ash’ari – 025832419
    Uthaman Bin Affan Centre – 025822677
    Al Shahama Centre – 02-5635755
    Al Quran Al Kareem Centre 02-5831323
    Al Siddiq Centre 02-4433616
    Markaz al Haamil lil Ghaith – 02-4473196
    Abu Dhabi Institute for Qur’an Memorization 02-6652400 (This is located at Al Karamah, Opposite Sheikh Khalifa Hospital)
    Al Siddiq Qur’an Memorizing Institute, 02-443 3016. (This is located at Al Ittihad; If you go towards Corniche on Airport Road take right to Street 15, this Institute is next to the masjid over there)
    2. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Al Ain:

    Markaz al Shar’e for Memorizing the Quran – 03-7820405
    Markaz Sheikha Hassa bint Muhammad – 03-7545453
    The Sahaba Centre for Memorizing the Quran – 03-7675552
    Quran Memorizing and Studies Centre – 03-7810861
    Muhammad Ahmed al Otaiba Centre – 03-7820981
    Al Istiqamah Centre – 03-7622112
    3. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Dubai:

    Sheik Mohammad Noor Bin Saif 04-2647448
    Sheikha Hassa Bint Hamdan Al Maktoum 04-2968200
    Markaz Nida al Fitra 04-2899263, 04-2899204/2899203
    Markaz AsSahabah al Khairi 04-2688616
    Markaz Dar Asma bint Abi Bakr 04-2969688
    Malik bin Anas Centre 04-2892320, 04-2892310
    Hamd bin Salim Centre 04-2874934
    Al Baraha Centre 04-2726999, 04-2711109
    As Siddiq Centre 04-2863833, 04-2863835
    Al Farooq Centre 04-2895628
    Khalfan Centre 04-3437898
    Ahmed Abdullah Centre 04-3955898
    Al Noor School for Quranic Sciences and Memorizing Quran 04-2643428/04-2646481
    Al Huda Centre 04-2967899, 04-2726999
    Dar al Ber Society 04-3523333 (1-15 from Br. Javeed)
    Al Huda Qur’an Learning Centre 04-2968300, 04-2968200
    Al Muhammadi Quran Centre 04-2825540/3394465
    Al Shaihh Saif Quran Centre 04-2641151/2647448
    Islamic Studies and Holy Quran Centre 04-2228667
    Al Rashid Qur’an Learning Centre (Malayalam classes) Muhaisnah 3, 04-2636284, 056-7093833
    4. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Sharjah:

    Abu Dhabi Institute for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5436471
    Abu Bakr Siddiq Institute 06-5242666
    Al Hashimiyyah School 06-5635242
    Dar Hudhaifah bin Al Yamam 06-5224084
    Iqra Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5245888
    Ibn Taymiyyah Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5676585
    Ridwan Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5487801
    Al Huda Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an 06-5249990, 06-5249898
    Khalid bin Waleed Centre 06-5667787
    Aamir bin Zuhairah Centre 06-5346610
    Abdullah bin Abbas Centre 06-5333665
    Umar bin Abd al Aziz Centre 06-5652719
    Nida al Fitra Centre 06-5655200
    Dal al Huda Centre 06-5626116, 06-5625456
    Salman al Farsi Centre 06-5222248
    Tirmidhi Centre 06-5647566
    As Sahabah Centre 06-5243533
    Ibn Kathir Centre 06-5383327
    Abdullah ibn Masood Qur’an Keeping Centre, Sharjah. Contact Mr. Khalid 050-6773672 (Many of my students, past and present, have benefited and are undergoing Qur’an Memorisation course in this Centre)
    Al Quran Center 06-5676006/5676333
    King Faisal Mosque, Sharjah has good facility Mashaa’Allah for women and children.
    Quran and Sunnah Society, Sharjah organises Qur’an memorization in three mosques in Sharjah: 1) Abu Al Hassan Al Ashari Masjid at Ghafiya area 2) Al Redwan Masjid at Al Qaraen area and 3) Shaikh Saud Al Qasimi Mosque at Al Shahbaa area close to Sharjah Cricket Stadium.
    Masjid Ibn al Qayyim, Al Qadisiyyah (For males)
    Masjid Abu ad-Dardaa’a, al Ghubaibah (For men and women)
    5. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Ajman:

    Qur’anic Sciences Establishment, 06-7421543
    Dar Al Asma for Memorizing the Qur’an, 06-7455225
    Al Utruja Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an for Girls, Al Bustan Area, 06-7436672
    Al Arqam bin Al Arqam Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, Al Mushrif Area, 06-7405114
    Al Furqan Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, 06-7457099
    Tawheed Centre for Memorizing the Qur’an, Al Nu’aymiyah Area, 06-7407737, 06-7424950
    Dar al Ber Society, Al Nu’aymiyah Area, 06-7470404
    Al Imam al Bukhari Holy Qur’an Teaching and Sunnat Nabawiyyah Centre, Al Rumaila Area, 06-7443251
    Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Holy Qur’an Teaching Centre, Al Sawan Area, 06-7428463
    Obai bin Ka’ab Holy Qur’an Teaching Centre, Al Rashidiyyah, 06-7421399
    Nasser bin Obaid Al Suwaidi Centre for Qur’an Learning, New Industrial Area, 06-7448805
    Centre for Memorizing Qur’an and Learning Shariah, Al Sawan Area, 06-7435125
    Qur’an Centre, Al Zahra Area, 0506523465
    Umm Al Momineen, 06-7447777, 06-7472777
    6. Qur’an Memorization Centres in Ras al Khaimah:

    1. Quran Center Of Sheikha Noora Bint Sultan, contact 07-2335200, 07-2335255

    2. Dar Ibn al Arqam for Memorizing the Qur’an, Contact 07-2663578

    2. List of Islamic Centres in Dubai:

    Name of the Centre Phone
    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Center for
    Cultural and Social Understanding (women) 04-3455563
    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Center
    for Cultural Understanding 04-3536666
    Islamic Information Center 04-3986950
    Kalemah Center 04-2644115
    Manahel Al Khair Center 04-2862979
    Jumeira Islamic learning Center 04-3949461
    Al Farooq Omar bin Khatab Center 04-3941444
    Indian Islahi Center 04-3939361
    Sunni Cultural Center 04-2669800
    Sunni Center for Islamic Education 04-2685822
    Abu Bakr As Siddiq Islamic Center 04-2973999
    Jamia Saadiya Arabiya Indian Center 04-2719253
    Dubai Kerala Muslim Center 04-2274899
    Dubai Indian Islamic Center 04-2616989
    Anjuman-E-Najmi 04-2717272
    China Islamic Center 04-4285401

  147. floryjoy dulay said:

    Hi… good morning,
    Am from Philippines and I want to become a Muslim.. Please could you help me I was living here at Jafiliya Dubai. Just to know if there’s a Islam school near my place. Thanks joy

  148. Aslamualikum wrwb
    My name is nazia
    I m living near al culb shj
    I want to learn quran iz there any institut near thiz location plz guid me

  149. Shaik Nasir said:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Alhamdu lillah by the Almighty & Merciful of ALLAH S.W.T that i hifz 10 paras of quran and i want to join hifz quran centre for gents in Dubai-Deira,rashidiya or nearby in DUBAI.

    Please kindly help me to join quran centre.

    Jazak Allahu Khair.
    Shaik Nasir

  150. saima asif said:

    …i am a femail teacher of quran urdu translation and tafseer..if any body provide me vissa then i teach ..i am in a vist vissa in dubai..contect my email addres(

  151. I am looking for Quran in Romanian language. I went to lot of shops but unfortunately couldn’t find it. Could someone help me to find a copy of Romanian translated Quran? Or if someone knows where I can get it. Thanks.

  152. umm abdallah said:

    Assalamoalaikum,glad to see all efforts made here…could any one please guide me .i live in ajman want a quran tajweed learning center for me and my daughter and son in ajman or sharjah with transport facility for free.

  153. Ume Ayesha said:

    Markaz for Quran learning with Tajweed for ladies, and kids both boys and girls separate classes. The markaz is in Sharjah and it has its own transport too. Their contact number is: 055-3570068, 056-9858004
    Markaz Mohammad al Hammadi (Sharjah)

    In Ajman,
    Markaz: Al Otruja (Ajman) 06-7436672
    They have transport for students in Ajman.

  154. Ume Ayesha said:

    Reply- Namy
    Heres a website which has translation in Romanian language.


    This is online store,, you can ask them by email.

  155. Hafiz nazar al hasani said:

    I am a teacher for quran tajweed class
    Near in babu al shams hotel al muqthar street
    My phone number 0565904565

  156. Sameerasabeer said:

    I want Quraan class in malayalam Ajman jurf area. Pls gave information about class

  157. i want an islamic workshop or a speaker in our schol can someone guide me who to contact

  158. maria cecilia said:

    assalam u alaikum i want to convert in islam and attend classes as well in sharjah. im a filipina and from national paint.

  159. my daughter teaches Qur’an Tajweed for beginers and small children – ONLINE USING WIZQ contact

  160. Is there any centre in abudhabi where i can learn quran translation tafseer and hadeith..i live in al shahama so if someone knows about any mosque, school etc near shahama or anywhere in abudhabi where i can get adm plz let me know…or any1 who can teach online whatsapp me 0566520170… tnx

  161. Danish Rasheed said:

    Assalam-O-Alaikum My name is Hafiz Danish..
    I teach online Quran-E-Pak with Tajweed & tarteel
    I have taught Quran online for about 5 years. Timings are up to you whenever you feel easy.
    If you want to learn please contact me. JazakAllah.
    Thank You Regards,
    Hafiz Danish
    Quran Tutor


  162. Assalamu Alaikkum
    Please how can i find a Quran Class for my 06 years daughters in Al Ain.UAE.
    If any one have the contact number’s please give me.
    Thank You

  163. Javed Iqbal Mohammad said:

    I would like to admit my son 10 year old to Islamic education and to make his carrier in Deeni services, hence please guide me for suitable school/centers in Dubai, prefferable language should be english/urdu.

  164. Javed Iqbal Mohammad said:

    I would like to admit my son 10 year old to Islamic education and to make his carrier in Deeni services, hence please guide me for suitable school/centers in Dubai, prefferable language should be english/urdu(Mobile no. 0505320898)

  165. Asalaam to y’all brothrs and sisters of Islam . I live in Africa and I want to know if there is any free Quranic memorizarion centre in the UAE, Middle East or Africa? where I can learn the quran for free. I deaperately want to learn and know about my religion. If you happen to know of any, don’t hesitate just drop me a message.
    Thank you.

  166. Ume Ayesha said:

    I have a question regarding buying house villa in Ajman, UAE through bank loan in Islamic way. Banks in UAE are giving loan stating that it is Islamic loan. However they do charge extra money over the amount they lend you. Having said that is it halal to take loan through banks in UAE to buy house. Please let me know.
    May Allah reward you.
    Umme Ayesha

  167. Assalamu alaykum. who can tell me location 37. Dar al Luqmaan Quran. i can’t get there. plz send me

  168. U can check for quran tajweed classes on Skype and wiziq.their Skype id is softarabic.

  169. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakathu…
    I stay in near mussafah and I whoud like to know if anyone knows of female quran tutor (with thajweed) for my 2 kids..
    I need the person to come home to teach my children 2 or 3 times on week days..
    jazakallah khairan.

  170. Assalamu Alaikum
    Is there any Hifz center in Ras Al Khaimah for boys.

  171. Please can you tell me Quran memorizing centres in Al Jurf Ajman or new industrial area Ajman ? It should be for women

  172. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakathu…

    I need help. i am 39 years old, i dont know to read quran. i memorized few sura and other dua to perform only salah. kindly some one guide me so that i can study quran and read quran very well.

    i made mistake that i did not try to learn quran from my child hood…and now i seek forgiveness from allah.
    “allahumma ante rabbi…la ilaha illa anta khalaqtani wa ana abduka..wa ana ala ahdika wa wadika mastata`tu..a`udhu bika min sharri ma sana`tu..abu`u laka bini matika alaiya..wa abu laka bidhandi faghfirli ..fa innahu la yaghfiru adhdhunuba illa anta.

    help …help…help

  173. Ahsan elahi said:

    Assalam o alikum. my name is ahsaan m from pakistan. If anyone learn quraan with tajweed n daily masnoon duaa for hifz n nazra so contact me (only in sharjah) 0524765395

  174. mudssar said:

    Plz advice any islamic girls school or madreesa near international city dubai

  175. Sajida Ahmed said:

    Salaam alaikum sisters. I’m looking for a qualified FEMALE quran teacher for my 3 kids to teach them tajweed and memorization. I’m living in Khalifah A, Abu Dhabi. Pls call me on 050 2610274, ONLY SISTERS PLS….

  176. Umm Rayyan said:

    Assalamu alaikum… considering pulling my 9-year old son out of school and enrolling him in a full-time Quran memorization program. I understand there are many centres offering Hifz , but would be grateful if you could help in choosing a place that is very systematic and help shaa Allah to complete it in a short period. He is comfortable with English and can understand Arabic. Jazakumullah khairan.

  177. I m a afshan i m a qurane hafiz govrmint se snd shuda i m a merid 2 children

  178. Muhammad sajid said:

    Sister afshan contact me plz , my num 0502046994

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