This blog comprises the observations and reflections on events around us & the pieces of wisdom gathered everyday as a result.

It is also a venue for some of my previously published articles in other media.

Plus, it’s a resource for info related to living in and moving to the UAE.

Contact: wishfulserendipity[@]gmail.com



6 thoughts on “who”

  1. Tahir Rashid said:

    Asa. I needed to speak to someone in regards to Quran / Islamic Tarbiyah classes for my 4 daughters. I am intending to move to the UAE, and need advice.
    I want them to study these areas full time.
    Can you help?

  2. sister, if you are still looking for these classes, i recommend al misbaah in Dubai. my sister attends there and i’ve been there for a few classes. its five days a week. they study tafseer, tajweed, dua, seerah, and much more. when you finish the two year course, you get a degree and can teach with it. i hope this helped.
    asalamu alaykum

  3. As Salaam,

    I am a father of three, living in London. Born and raised in the UK, had discovered my deen when i was a teenager. I work but not from a well off background.

    I strongly feel that my kids should have the opportunity that I never had of exploring Islam in a muslim land.

    I wish to make my kids hufaaz inshallah, is their any school/centre that I can send my kids to where I will be able to fund them and their mother. Nowhere near the big cites so it can be affordable for me to support them.
    And are there any centres/people who are willing to support/sponser my kids directly to learn the Quran (they can meet us in person there).

    I would wish to be able to join my family there if there were any job opportunities in my field of work. Please contact me directly so I can show the qualifications and experiences I have. Mh649@hotmail.co.uk

    May Allah reward you.

  4. Assalamu alaykum. Do you have twitter? Thought I could follow you and read more regular inspirational stuff by you. And have you stopped writing blogs? Last one was written last year!! 😦

  5. Please could you tell me any madrasah for boys I am in the Sharjah corniche area and also please can you tell me for me and my daughter also. she is 7 years old. I would also like to learn Quran with tafseer. Please could you tell me. Also if there are any places in Sharjah where you can do alimah course ?

  6. As salaam Alaykum would you please tell me where can I find boarding school to learn Islamic religion for women age 50 plus thank you

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