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“I don’t care about those things. I just want a sexy girl. Khalaas!


Did I really hear those words correctly?

What in the world…..! my mind wondered.

Jaws dropped, I turned around to find a 40-something man obliviously jabbering away on his mobile standing in the queue next to mine, waiting his turn at the counter at a takeaway eatery in Dubai. He didn’t care if he was being over heard by half a dozen people. He didn’t care to modify the choice of his words or change the direction of his explicit phone discussion in a public place.

Yes, that’s right. My ears hadn’t mistaken. He was openly discussing the specifications of a woman he was looking for.

“They are sending me these older ***(a nationality) women. What use are they? I want to put a really good looking girl at my stall.”

Hmmm. So that is what it was all about. Business. He was just having an honest business conversation and devising sales and marketing strategy. After all sex does sell.

With a sigh, I move over to the counter to place my order.


Early morning as I stood by my living room window soaking up the wintery sun, I saw a young woman step out of her posh building. Calf-high leather boots, skinny jeans, fuchsia knitted jacket, pink lip-gloss, heavily made-up eyes and a tiny scarf stylishly tied around her head, she was dressed to kill.

As she strutted on her high heels towards the road, she paused and looked up at the balcony of her building. A drowsy two years old child was fidgeting and crying in the arms of a nanny, looking down. The young woman smiled, blew a flying kiss and waved good bye to her child and walked towards a waiting van on the road.


Progression. Independence. Upliftment. Empowerment. Equality. Dignity. Rights. Freedom.

Indeed. It was Women’s Day.