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ice lollies

Yes, its summer and the temperatures are slowly but surely rising to reach their usual target of 45°- 50° C. So begins the inevitable season of whining and complaining of how hot it is. Yes, it certainly is hot but, there are still some really wonderful things associated with summer.

Here’s my list of what makes summer bearable (if not great), alhumdullilah:

* Rooms aglow with bright sunshine

iceed tea* Fresh made iced tea

* Mid-night showers to escape hot water during the day

* Jug of tamarind juice in the fridge all the time

* Neighbourhood fragrant with margosa (neem) blossoms

marigold* Ice lollies after dinner

* Floral dresses

* Accepting wedding invitations

* Preparing pina colada for tea time

* Sight of ripe dates everywhere

Jasminum* Picking jasminum at night to perfume your bedroom

* Long drives

* ‘Picnics’ in the car

* Finger-drawing on dew-covered windows

stenciling* Stenciling your room

* Sensation of entering air-conditioned rooms after spending time outdoors

* Rubbing ice-cubes over the face

book_pile* Painting

* Catching-up on reading the books bought during winter

* Learning a new craft or sport

* Watching cat-fights through the window

* Offering cold water to strangers laboring in the Sun

embroidering* Completing the unfinished embroidery from last year

* Knowing that hair grows faster in the season

* Learning to make marshmallows

 * Watching birds build nests through the window

* Profusion of marigolds

pressing flowers* Collecting flowers for the pressed-dried-flowers project

* Memorizing portions from Quran or new Hadith

* Waiting for winter.

  InshaAllah, I intend to not complain about the weather this season.