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hcj1We all know of the numerous benefits of giving charity/sadaqa. But what is the dynamics of the givers mind?

 I recently interviewed Qamar Khan-Malik to learn how she coordinated a very successful dawah-charity drive. I asked her to list some of the reasons & factors that encourage people to donate. She offered some very good points that answer the above question.

 People are willing & happy to give if:

 * they trust the people they  are donating to,

* they feel the project will bring them much rewards,

* they believe the project they are giving to will follow up with what they promised,

* they know their contribution will make a great impact on others,

* they see the outcome and fruits of the cause they are giving to.

 Recently due to some work, I was made privy to classified information – a record of funds management of an online sadaqa promotion organization called HalfDate.

I will not go into the specifics, but, what I saw in it, made me realize the difference between fair work and fine work.

 What was so outstanding? It was the fact that their dealing, accounting & management was done on a level of excellence. It was done with Ihsaan.

 MashaAllah laquwwata illah billah. Perhaps, that is the reason for their continued success and growth. For where there is ihsaan, there is barakah.

 Lets join the barakah brigade.