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A very promising charity project – worth supporting inshaAllah.  I know one of the sisters directly involved and she’s a great person mashaAllah and is involved with many dawah/charity projects.



                                   …A Bite of Delight….

Do you want to support charity?…. Get quality home-made food?

It is possible now.



* What is RAYHANAH?

                                                                                                                            “Give them a fish and they’ll eat for a day, TEACH them how to fish and they’ll eat FOREVER”          

Rayhanah is a new developmental charity project to empower women in need. It aims to make them self-sufficient & be able to generate their own income. Rayhanah offers best quality home-made food along with professional packaging to everyone who values home-made food and doesn’t have the time to cook/bake.

* What kind of food do they offer? What are their prices?
They are building their menu step by step, adding a dish after the other. They offer both sweet and savory dishes. Currently they only have Ma’moul since it’s the season for sweets. Keep checking their group page on Facebook* for more dishes, coming soon inshAllah.
Their Mixed plate of Ma’moul is for 110 AED/1kg which makes more than 55 pieces.

*  What Kind of ma’mouls do they offer?
 Rayhanah offers mixed plates and trays of the following 5 kinds: Date ma’moul, Joz ma’moul, Fusto’ ma’moul, Choco-Date pittyfour and kaa’k.

* Where is the money going?
Rayhanah is a non-profit project, and 100% of the money goes to help 4 women in need and their families to empower them with a fixed income and to make them self-sufficient.

* Why did they chose these 4 women in particular?
They picked them because they had the best & yummiest receipes amongst many others that they tested. One of them is a professional cholocate & packaging designer. They also made sure of important factors such as hygiene, honesty and dedication. These ladies are in need BUT don’t want beg. All they want is a chance to make their living.

* How can one place order? How long would the order take to be ready?
Just email them on
rayhanahbite [@] gmail.com or call 050-7675029.
(Include Your NAME, MOBILE, ORDER NAME as per photo, Your Area)

* How long would an order take to be ready?
The order inshAllah will be ready at the pick-up point closest to the custommer before 72 hours. (SEE Pick-up Points closest to YOU on Facebook)

* How can anyone support Rayhanah? Can one Volunteer?
 You can support them by:
Ordering, spreading the word and telling all your contacts about them, being a pick-up point for Rayhanah distribution etc. 

* http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/group.php?gid=36372184610