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The days of:

* Late Fajrs

* Long nights1

* Short days1

* Cloudy merry skies

* Cool singing breeze

* Washed happy flora

* Profusion of jolly flowers

* Soul refreshing drizzles

* Occasional quenching showers

* Rainbow umbrellas bobbing the glistening streets

* Lounging on the hammock

* Reading under the sun-dappled shade in the veranda

* Sleeping to the jingles of rain pouring on the roof 

* Mind refreshing fragrance of wet satiated earth

* Serenading night insects

* Stillness of AC-free environment

* Regular barbeques

* Warm cheesy bakes with evening tea

* Inviting aroma of carrot cake baking in the kitchen

* Endless rounds of cup-a-soups while checking email or reading papers

* Relishing coffee at the beach

* Snacking on fried salted peanuts

* Munching on roasted nuts & potato fries

* Appetizing stew or minestrone gently simmering on a slow cooker

* Trying out every brand of instant cappuccinos in the market

* Rounds of cardamom & saffron tea after dinner

* Blue toes

* Wearing socks 24/7

* Using the concession of wiping over socks for wudhu 2

* Draping heavy shawls & pashminas

* Generously slathering moisturizers

* Dressing in rich velvets

* Wearing mittens & enjoying ice lollies

* Remembering to turn on the water heater every night

* Soothing hot baths

* Sleeping curled-up under heavy blankets

* Taking pleasure in the contemplative solitude & quietness of long chilly nights

Looking forward to the Days of Winter.   


1. It is reported from Abû Hurayrah that he said:

“Shall I not point you to comfortable proceeds?” People responded, “And what is that o Abû Hurayrah?” He replied, “Fasting in winter.”

The Arabs used to refer to matters which were relatively easy to gain as being cool. In this narration, the relative ease of fasting in winter and its consequent reward is likened to acquiring war proceeds without the heat of violence.

It is reported from ‘Umar (radhiAllahuunhu) that he said:

“Winter is booty for the devout worshippers.”

 It is reported from ‘Ubayd b. ‘Umayr (radhiAllahuunhu) that he said:

“It used to be said when winter came: O people of the Quran, the night has become long so you can pray (more) and the day has become short for you to fast.” 

2. Ali ibn Ali Taalib (radhiAllahu unhu) said: “The Prophet (Salulaahualaihiwasallum) stated one day and one night for the one who is not travelling, and three days and three nights for the one who is travelling, i.e., for wiping  over the khufoof (socks).” [Muslim- 276]