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charity1A time would come when there will be so much wealth that a man will worry that no one will accept his Zakah. And when he offers it to anyone, that person will say, ‘I am not in need of it!!’                                                                                            [Essence of a hadith of Bukhari]

Alhumdullilah, we still have the time & opportunity to purify ourselves & our wealth, by meeting the needs of others.

There are a number of (reliable, inshaAllah) venues through which we can donate:

  • U.A.E. – There are two families who are need of zakah. 1. One sister needs donations for her brother’s cancer treatment (spf. multiple myeloma- bone cancer). He has lost his job as a result & has three dependent children. 2. The other sister needs zakah for clearing a sizable bank debt incurred by her husband. If you need info on either cases, please ask & I’ll send you their details, inshaAllah. (Zakatable causes both of them inshaAllah). 3. Please also check another simple opportunity for sadaqa (non zakatable) here.


  • International – A sadaqa promotion organization has created a venue for zakah & sadaqa to a number of needy families (with needs varying from utility bills to medical aid). There is flexibility of payment through various means. (Zakatable & non-Zakatable causes) 


  • US You can help a Yemeni family, devastated by a natural gas explosion in their house, that left the mother dead & four young daughters badly burned in Harlem, NY. A sister is raising funds for their help. There is flexibility of sending payments.




                No amount is too small or too big. It’s the month of generosity.

                                            ***** JazakAllahukhair *****