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kohlEver since a sister extolled the use of Ithmid kohl, I have been hooked! With the popularity of modern cosmetics’ eyeliners, the use of this traditional & sunnah eye application has virtually died down.

I am not referring to the dark black powdery substance that’s sold in the market as ‘kohl’. The real & natural stuff is that which is called Ithmid kohl. It’s beautiful dark silvery gray or soot gray in color. Here, in Sharjah, it is available in most Islamic book stores or honey & herbal medicine shops. 

* Why use it?

Prophet (Salulahualaihiwasallum) used to wear kohl. It’s his sunnah. 

* How to use it?

Ibn Abbas (RadhiAllahuAnhu) narrated:

Whenever the Messenger of Allah (Salulahualaihiwasallum) used to wear kohl, he would use it thrice in the right eye – beginning with it and finishing with it – and twice in the left eye.”

Also, the Prophet (Salulahualaihiwasallum) said:

Those who use Kohl should use an odd number of times.”    [Abu Dawud]

* What are the benefits?

Ibn Abbas (RadhiAllahuAnhu) narrated that the Prophet (Salulahualaihiwasallum) said:

The best of your kohl is the Ithmid because it clears the sight and causes the eyelashes to grow.”                              [Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Al-Hakim, At-Tabarani, etc]     

* So, why am I hooked?

Besides the hope of ajr for adopting a sunnah & the possibility of strengthening my eyesight , I can’t deny its aesthetic appeal. It adorns the eyes of the wearer like no other cosmetic eye-liner does. 

                                     ******A beautiful Sunnah******


Tip: Wear it before going to bed for best results.