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bracelet My 19 yrs old brother had to participate in a retailing project for his university business course.  Groups of students had to choose a variety of consumer products that they source from wholesale markets & try to make profit by selling them at the university campus in a three-day expo. Some chose IT stuff, others cultural trinkets while yet others, leather wear, etc. My brothers’ group chose to retail costume jewelry. I asked him the reason for their choice & his answer amazed me:

“Simple. It’s easier to sell to girls. They buy without thinking. Guys think before purchasing whether they have a need for it or not. But with girls, it’s not a matter of need. And that too when it comes to jewelry, there’s always room for more.”

I was amazed & amused at his perceptiveness (he is 19!!). I didn’t argue with him on that nor did I try to defend on behalf of the female gender. The tiny voice inside told me, “You’ll lose this one.”    

Guess what. His group’s ‘girlie’ items were sold out! His was the most successful retail booth among his batch. He later described how every girl who visited their stand purchased something or the other & in the following manner:

1. They would look at the rings, bracelets or earrings.

2. Gasp in delight.

3. Make a statement like, “Oh! This is sooo beautiful.”

4. Turn to their friend (female of course) for an affirmation.

5. Buy it.

6. Then leave with a look of excitement, eager to try them on again as soon as they leave the booth premises.

How true & typical of women (Of course there are always exceptions). When it comes to items of adornment it’s never a matter of need. It’s simply a manifestation  & gratification of an innate desire – a desire to be beautiful.أَوَمَن يُنَشَّأُ فِى الْحِلْيَةِ                           


“…a creature who is brought up in adornments (wearing silk & gold ornaments)…”                                        [Quran 43:18]