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Imagine a life without:

  • the lullaby of your mother
  • the chuckles of your siblings at tickle-fights
  • the whispered secrets of your best friend
  • the pleasure of wordplay with your spouse
  • the awe-inducing cries of your new-born
  • the incessant innocent questions of your growing child
  • the crashing of waves hitting the shore
  • the twitter of morning birds outside your window
  • the noisy rustling of leaves heralding autumn
  • the jingle of rain pouring hard on your roof
  • the reminder of the muazzin’s aazaan five times a day
  • the tranquility of the recitation of Quran
  • the words of Dawat ul Islam! 

This life is a reality for our hearing-challenged brothers & sisters.

We can do something for them & in turn for ourselves, inshaAllah. Be a part of an initiative to assist our hearing-impaired siblings gain the precious knowledge of Deen. If you can transcribe audio lectures, then be quick to register at:


Or email the Al-Qasas incharges at alqasas1{@} gmail.com

Note: I inquired with the Al-Qasas Muslim Transcription Society & they say they “uphold the beliefs of ‘Following the Qur’aan and the Sunnah with the understanding of the Salaf’.”  Thus, all the lectures they transcribe should be authentic to the pure teachings of Islam, inshaAllah.