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halfdatecharityProphet (SalulaahuAlaijiWasallum) was sitting with some companions one morning when a group of people from the tribe of Mudar came to him. They were barefooted, wearing rags & looked a picture of abject poverty. After offering prayers, he (SalulaahuAlaijiWasallum) addressed his people. In it he recited the verse from Surah Hashr,

“…Fear Allaah. And let every soul consider that which it sends forth for the morrow and fear Allaah…” [59:18]  

Some donated a dinar, others a dirham, still others clothes, some donated a sa’ of wheat, some a sa’ of dates; till he (the Prophet) said:

(Bring) even if it is half a date.

Then one man came carrying a huge sack of money that he was barely able to lift.

This encouraged others to give more generously. A huge amount of aid in cash & kind was collected after that.

Prophet (SalulaahuAlaijiWasallum) said:

“Whoever starts (or sets an example of) something good in Islam, will have a reward for it. And a reward equal to that of everyone who does it after him, without that detracting from their reward in the slightest…”  [Muslim 2219]  

Two very important Attributes of Allah (SubhanaWaTaala) & one very beautiful aspect of our deen manifest from this episode:

  1. Allah is Al-Barr (The Generous)
  2. Allah is Ash-Shaakir (The Recognizer & Rewarder of the smallest of Good action)
  3. In Islam, there is reward not just for the good a person does himself but also for all those who follow in good (because of him).

 We Give

When an opportunity of sadaqa comes to us & we give one atom in His (SubhanaWaTaala)’s way (if that is all we can give), He (SubhanaWaTaala) who is Ash-Shaakir will return it to us in rewards that are unimaginably superior & unquantifiable.   

We Encourage
We inform others of this opportunity and encourage them to partake in it. We never know when the next person who hears from us might be able to do something. And for just calling him to it, we may get an undivided portion of similar rewards.
“The one who tells another about something good is like the one who does it.”                 [Muslim 1893]      We Intend

And if we can’t give even that, we can still earn something by just having the sincere intention or ardent wish to be able to give if able. Allah (SubhanaWaTaala) rewards for our intentions also.

 “…If somebody intends to do a good deed and he does not do it, then Allah will write for him a full good deed (in his account with Him); and if he intends to do a good deed and actually did it, then Allah will write for him (in his account) with Him (its reward equal) from ten to seven hundred times to many more times…”                              [Bukhari 6083]






Disclaimer: This is not a total & absolute endorsement of any organization. Readers are advised to use their wise judgment & evaluate any initiative against the Islamic criteria of right & wrong. Please proceed on any course only after doing Istikharah (i.e. seeking Allah’s guidance).