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A desperate German woman called emergency services to rescue her after a friend visiting her talked for 30 hours!!! According to the report, “the guest rambled on and became increasingly intoxicated”.

I can soooo understand & relate to that poor woman’s dilemma at getting stuck with a compulsive talker. I’ve been subjected to similar torture episodes a number of times. It has just been over the phone, but listening to non stop shatter for over two hours does terrible things to the mind & body. My ears hurt, i had palpitations, felt zapped of all energy & my brain was too groggy to carry on with my usual work the rest of the day! And this is no exaggeration.

The art of effective communication demands listening more than talking. From discouraging body language, an uninterested bland tone, to frequent one word dull responses like “hmm” – the clues to the listening person’s state of mind are pretty obvious. Wonder how people who gab away endlessly are not able to pick up on such obvious cues.