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How the anger melts away with chocolate  

By Roger Highfield, The Telegraph Group Limited, London 2008

“Chocolate can help prevent people behaving in a grumpy manner due to a key ingredient that stimulates the release of a “feel-good” chemical, research shows.

Millions of people have long known that snacking on chocolate can work wonders in improving the mood.

A study by Cambridge University has found that the high content of a substance called tryptophan in chocolate is crucial to its ability to make us feel better…..The only way to get tryptophan is through diet and some foods are a particularly rich source, notably chocolate and also chicken soup.”

Yes, we women have known this since time immemorial! Why do scientists have to waste time, money & efforts in ‘researching’ already known and accepted facts in order to prove something everyone already knows? And what or how is this research conclusion going to affect the chocolate-consuming habits of people?