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Inside the world of UK Muslim women


A major survey shows most want to marry their soulmates and enjoy high street fashion, while keeping a delicate balance with their Islamic values.

She wants to marry her soulmate, shops in Primark, TK Maxx and Topshop, and dreams of starting her own business. Meet the typical Muslim woman in Britain today.

A thousand women throughout the country have responded to the biggest lifestyle study of Muslim women undertaken in the UK. It appears to show that Muslim women have established a delicate balance between a desire to live a contemporary lifestyle and tap into consumer trends while sticking to values underpinning the Islamic guide to life. …..

Na’ima B Robert, editor of Sisters Magazine states:

“… Believe it or not, there are many Muslim women like me, frustrated at the ignorance and bias that so often accompany our society’s attempts to address any issue surrounding Islam and, in particular, Muslim women….

I love the fact that Islam is still central to our values. I love the fact that we still believe in finding our soulmate and that marriage and children are important, in the face of high divorce rates and a general move away from marriage. I love the fact that we are making our mark, either in employment, as students or full-time mothers, in spite of the dire statistics about low achievement among Muslims. I love the fact that we cook fresh meals and eat out, that we entertain at home and travel abroad, that we embrace hijab and shop on the high street. I love that we are so ordinary, and yet so extraordinary.

That is just one of the reasons why this survey is so refreshing. Somehow it manages to be both ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary in the sense that the questions we asked were about daily life, about human details, details that, while making up the majority of our lives, rarely hit the headlines. It is also extraordinary in its size compared with previous surveys, the response we received and the value of those responses – to us as individuals, as businesses, as a community and as a society.”


Interesting……..the only question is how accurate the results are. I was asked to participate in this survey. And i did. However, i’m neither UK-based nor from the UK. There were a number of sisters who took the survey from other parts of the world. However, the results surmise all responses to be of UK muslim women.