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Artificially Produced Rain in the country.                            


Cloud-seeding may lead to rain today
By Anwar Ahmad (Our staff reporter)ABU DHABI — Would you be surprised if it rains today? At this point of time in the year?

8 May 2008

What, if you were told that it’s not the normal showers?

Well, it’s true! The Met Department at the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) is expected to carry out tests to induce artificial rain in different parts of the country today, Khaleej Times has learnt.

Meanwhile, according to a recent agency report, the unseasonal rain in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the country experienced on Tuesday was ‘artificial’ too and “enhanced by the centre (NCMS)”.


There is no mention of why this research & testing is carried out……..just seems very baffling & weird.

What’s next? Snow? Nothern Lights? Winds?

What impact (good or bad) will it have on the environment & eco system?

“And O my people! Ask forgiveness of your Lord and then repent to Him, He will send you (from the sky) abundant rain, and add strength to your strength, so do not turn away as Mujrimûn (criminals, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh).” (Hud 11:52)